Louise E. Arnold Poster Presentations - Round 2

Date: October 22, 2022 | Time: 13:00 to 13:40 (CDT)

Louise E. Arnold Poster Presentations - Round 2

LCI Facilitator - Maya Sardesai

  • Benefit of Upperclassmen Mentorship in the TLC Program.
    Authors / Presenters: Eva Kruger
  • Learning Community Student-Resident Physician Mentorship.
    Authors / Presenters: Kyla Kosidowski, Sahar Elmenini
  • Opportunities for and Barriers to Vertical Integration in a Medical School Learning Community.
    Authors / Presenters: Jonathan Rouhana, Sarah Raven, Annie Cardwell, Lindsay Rosenthal
LCI Facilitator - Sara Fazio

  • Learning Communities Based on Year
    Authors / Presenters: Megan Seyerle, Kathleen Young
  • Lessons learned from the introduction of Learning Communities into a large cohort UK medical school: A cross-sectional evaluation.
    Authors / Presenters: Clare Guilding, Rachel Batty, Jack Lloyd, Scott Walker, Emma Haagensen, Kenneth McKeegan
  • Medical Student Community Baseline Assessment for New Mentorship Initiative.
    Authors / Presenters: Sarah Raven, Jonathan Rouhana, Annie Cardwell, Lindsay Rosenthal, Kyle Wickham
  • Learning Community Impact on Wayne State University School of Medicine Students.
    Authors / Presenters: Madison Graifman, Jack Considine
LCI Facilitator - Lars Osterberg

  • Engaging Learning Community Faculty to Enhance Awareness of and Develop a Response to Racism and Systemic Bias in Medical Education.
    Authors / Presenters: Denise Zwahlen, Maria Alonso-Luaces, Carrie Francis, Margaret Smith
  • Utilizing regional faculty and students to develop and implement curriculum addressing microaggressions in the pre-clinical learning environment.
  • Using Learning Communities to Incorporate Climate Change and Environmental Determinants of Health into Curriculum.

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