Lunch and Learn Featured Oral Presentation

Date: October 21, 2022 | Time: 12:35 to 13:15 (CDT)

Lunch and Learn Featured Oral Presentation

Longitudinal Faculty Development for Learning Community Faculty – Necessary support or Overkill?
Sathyanarayan Sudhanthar, Jonathan Gold, Kelly Armstrong, Brad Riley

Session summary

Faculty play a key role in Learning Community, an increasingly adopted model in medical schools. Regular and ongoing longitudinal faculty development is necessary and needs to be built in during the planning stages of LC to support faculty. We share the Faculty development model from one Midwestern Medical School.

Learning objectives

    1. Understand the importance of LC faculty roles across the spectrum.
    2. Share the faculty development program and the topics discussed in the faculty development sessions from one mid-western medical school.
    3. Discuss barriers to implementing faculty development programs and possible solutions.

Lunch and Learn Featured Oral Presentation

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