Louise E. Arnold Poster Presentations - Round 1

Date: October 21, 2022 | Time: 14:45 to 15:15 (CDT)

Louise E. Arnold Poster Presentations - Round 1

LCI Facilitator - Caroline Harada

  • Student-led Initiatives for Fostering Wellness and Inclusiveness Amidst COVID
    Authors / Presenters: Cole Pennock, Chandler Brown, Happy Kumar, Lydia Yang
  • Medical Student Perspectives Concerning Medical Education at PLFSOM During COVID-19 Pandemic
    Authors / Presenters: Tracie Huynh
  • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on medical student connectedness
    Authors / Presenters: Lindsay Rosenthal, Dan Dinh, Sarah Raven, Jonathan Rouhana, Annie Cardwell
LCI Facilitator - Sara Fazio

  • Three-Year Evolution of a Learning Communities Program Incorporating Faculty Coaching
    Authors / Presenters: Kurt Pfeifer, Emily Joachim, Jed Calata, Tracey Liljestrom, Jasmine Dowell, Bipin Thapa, Wendy Peltier
  • Learning Community Peer Mentor Program Impact on Mentors
    Authors / Presenters: Chelsea Yu, Dhruvil Patel
  • Learning Communities Based on Year
    Authors / Presenters: Megan Seyerle, Kathleen Young
  • How to design a Learning Communities Program based on the students' demographic
    Authors / Presenters: Mauricio Torres,
LCI Facilitator - Lars Osterberg

  • Back to the future: virtual reality in the education of health professionals
    Authors / Presenters: Karla Alejandra Villareal-Arizpe, Abigail Rodriguez-Ramirez, Ricardo Garcia-Rodriguez, Luis Carlos Bueno-Gutierrez, Nancy de los Angeles Segura-Azuara, Felicitos Leal-Garza
  • How Learning Communities Can Improve Medical Student Confidence in Approaching Residency Interviews
    Authors / Presenters: Nicole White, Elise Turke
  • Prevalence of Posts Related to Learning Communities on Pre-medical Online Forum

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